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Equinix, Inc. is an American multinational company headquartered in Redwood City, California, that specializes in Internet connection and data centers. The company leads in global colocation data center market share, with 205 data centers in 25 countries on five continents.It is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol EQIX, and as of 2018, it had approximately 7,800 employees globally. The company converted to a real estate investment trust (REIT) in January 2015.

One employee had this to say in a review, "If you are on the wrong team your life could be miserable. There is a work culture which does not appreciate employees, and vindictive management. They don’t kno how to get out of their own way."


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Former Employee - Business Systems Analyst says

"Where to begin. People are treated like commodities: There are managers and their "stooges" who over commit to requirements and make the team work in 3 timezones. Yes, pacific time, Singapore time and European time depending on requirements. When someone suggests improvements they are asked a rhetorical question "So, you don't want to work?". I have seen one "stooge" literally shouting at another member of the team in front of business partners. When asked why she did that, it got so escalated that they went into a smaller room and this lady was shouting and banging her desk. Everything that doesn't work is BSA mistake and then this shouting/ranting begins in earnest in front of entire floor. No program management at the company within IT: This is critically important because being a "global" company there needs to be coordination between business functions. Instead, each BSA is supposed to manage cross functional requirements from discovery, design, implementation, QA, UAT, deployment and support. Release management is a glorified system admin team. Multiple cross functional teams keep fighting (literally) during meetings and whoever has more influence gets the work: There are 2 main IT development teams in Singapore and Sunnyvale/Dallas. There is close to no coordination between them. In fact, there is a lot of politics and infighting instead. Being a BSA dealing with a solution given strict timelines, is a nightmare when these teams can't agree on anything."

Former Employee - Talent Acquisition says

"Very toxic environment, from the start to the end of the day. Constant stress from all business units. Unprofessional practices from HR, TA, Operations and Engineering. Absolutely no career growth, even though its promised. Management is weak and yet quick to blame you for their problems. I recommend looking elsewhere for work."

Former Employee - Client Service Associate says

"Poorly micromanaged, discriminatory practices, vengeful managers, and poor service"

Current Employee - Marketing Specialist says

"Perhaps because Equinix has such a powerful competitive moat around its core business, they have little motivation to build a competent marketing group. Leadership in marketing has no vision, leadership capabilities, or inspirational qualities. All they do is fight amongst themselves, make poor decisions, discuss fashion choices and hire bad people. The brightest and most ambitious people have moved on and all that's left is people who are only sticking it out because of the stock price and to have a steady paycheck until they find something else. There's no upward mobility, their technology systems are broken and old, and you will spend years of your life here with have nothing to show for it when you interview at your next job. Stay away."

Current Employee - IBX Network Technician says

"Company strongly believes in nepotism. Local Management has a lack of accountability for the negative culture. Regional management's attitude is to look the other way, and to inform employees to fall in line or move on."

Former Employee - IBX Technician says

"Local management staff has no understanding of the co-location marketplace. NONE. They also have no understanding of some of the most basic IT skills, therefore can not judge one employee skills to the next because they do not comprehend the scope of the jobs to be done."

Current Employee - Project Manager says

"Your experience will vary wildly depending on the team you join, and even your direct manager. There are some teams where things gel extremely easy, and there are some teams where your manager actively hinders your ability to work. Extremely rigid management not allowing any flexibility in work even after being there over 2 years. No education opportunities, and no career talk by your management. If you do your work properly you are considered a valuable pawn. Employees get promoted because they have simply been there longer, or know someone high up. There seems to not be an actual performance based system. Senior management gets the brunt of promotions every year, middle management and lower level employees remain at the same level. If you want a workplace that will recognize your performance and offer growth and learning opportunities, this is not the place for you."

Customer Success Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you are on the wrong team your life could be miserable. There is a work culture which does not appreciate employees, and vindictive management. They don’t kno how to get out of their own wayNoneBenefits are lousy, management is confused and ineffective, compensation is lacking, and unequal opportunities for people from different backgrounds"

Day Porter (Former Employee) says

"Experiencia muy mala malos managers fue una pesadilla trabajar ahi"

Credit & Collections Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Mostly people are Uneducated. Unable to speak English. Racism. Very strong Chinese culture. No professional(Shouting and fitting) No Compliance. No control.NothingLong hours.Uneducated."

Senior IBX Technician IV/Engineer (Former Employee) says

"A fast pace, never happy, and stressful. You will not last more than a year without losing stressing out. They do not respect the technician but they love engineers."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Functional manager's logic - not at table = not working - ego too big , cannot be wrong - no experience in functional role - forever correct - only want body bags at table"

Field Engineer III (Current Employee) says

"The workload is tough enough for you to work very second and you do not have time to eat. Hr said lunch break was included in the salary packet. Stupid management policy increase the difficulties on smart hand and network issue. The most impressive is to spend 15 minutes to complete the work and spend over 1 hour to update what you have done on the equinix ticketNo lunch breakCurrently forced to be over time working 200hours in total"

G4S Security Officer (Current Employee) says

"toxic work place! stay away! very demanding and stressful when they need coverage and if you say no its a big problem. you are just a number to them to fill the post and they have no problem replacing you.reliefs have no consideration for getting to work on time usually late. hardest part of the job was their out dated and complicated programs that always have issues. pay should be higher and the benefits are horrible. management loves to micro manage you in every way possible they also love to condescend you any chance they get. shaming you for petty errors becomes the everyday norm. they love to do petty monthly training's that do not have to do with day to day job duties.a job is a job but when the average person last at a site for a few months at some point you have to ask yourself why is the turn over rate so high.they need an undercover boss to witness the day to day operations of how each guard is treated."

Network Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Going back approximately two years ago management was different should I call it normal. Equinix brought in new directors who brought in their people. One after another was promoted, engineers with no NOC experience coming in at higher pay rates than others. My typical interaction with my new managers was brief maybe 5 minutes at the most at the start of my shift. There is no workplace culture instead there was lots of bitterness from the majority of NOC personnel. The hardest part of the job was just trying to make management accept me as a person rather than trash as I was treated. The most enjoyable part of the job was some of the friendships I developed during the 9 years of employment with Equinix.Vacation, Yearly BonusHorrible Directors, Managers and Human Resource"

Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"they hire a lot of contractors with fake resumes. And most of full time employee were converted from contractors, that means, from fake resumes. this company is lack of genius.nosuck you to dry"

Senior IBX Technician (Former Employee) says

"Culture is cancerous and management doesn't see to value their employees. Their is no work life balance, which is what they sell you on. They force you to work a 12hr schedule and make you come in on days off. This is not a great place to work, which is why I am no longer there."

FP&A Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Management sucks, do not treat well their employees, no work-life balance, the worst place to work, toxic environment, too much politics, stay away and do yourself a favorNothingEverything"

Fulltime medewerker (Former Employee) says

"Als de juiste persoon je mag dan krijg je dingen gedaan. Veel lagen, veel geroddel, heel slecht management. Geen ruimte in flexibele uren en/of thuis werken. Slecht HR team."

Technicien réseaux Datacenter (Former Employee) says

"pour la sécurité du travail, equinix prend toutes ses précautionsrepas gratuitévolution de poste"

Service Desk Agent (Former Employee) says

"At the time I was employed with Equinix, there was no work life balance. Management was atrocious there was no opportunity for advancement based on individual performance and dedication and motivation."

Facilities Engineer (Current Employee) says

"tracked all the time, and lot of staf tearn over, and yearly bones not garanted, even though in intervew it is, a lot of online paperwork, the pay is ok but not a well payed as some data centre's."

IBX Warehouse Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Equinix is a good place to work but the managers is poor and managers promote if your in their circle. Some Managers at Equinix in Dallas is racists. They don't like African Americans to succeed especially with a college degree obtained. I got fired from Equinix cause I was outspoken and managers don't like outgoing/outspoken individuals. What Managers says it goes without any discussion. Managers at Equinix in Dallas, texas area isn't team players. The Managers sits at a desk all day and take long lunches while the Tech's do all of the work."

AMFO (Former Employee) says

"The company it self is a great company with the best Benifits. All of the management in Dallas is not held accountable and blame other for their mistakes . The employee turn around is very high in this location. All other locations are very good to work for except Dallas. I would recommend anyone not to be a salary employee they only last 2 years max.just ask recruiter for the turn around in management in the past 13 years. I would stay away from this location. This is my opinion so find out for yourself like I did.Free drinks, weekly lunchThey will not work with you on your schedule is their way or the highway"

Facility Engineer (Former Employee) says

"As a Facility Engineer in HVAC division, we had the task of maintaining & repairing all HVAC systems including 200 ton rooftop systems as well as cooling towers. Company promotes New employees with less than a year experience to a supervisory role who has very limited HVAC experience , enough to make the job dangerous to workers. They should promote the employees who have the credentials & experience to handle the HVAC units The Micro managers insist on ordering substandard materials, from the internet, that do not fit the HVAC systems causing the units to break down more and operate poorly. They do this to justify their salary and the attempt to save money while it only causes units to break down and place employees and company in danger, making themselves liable for legal actions. They violate federal labor laws as well as EPA laws and give substandard pay to tradesmen who work on HVAC & IT equipment"

Global Process Document Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I was overworked. I learned how not to run a company. Management was inefficient. Workplace culture was asocial. Got carpal tunnel syndrome from working there due to my workload."

G4S Contracted Security (Current Employee) says

"My experience and staffing overview. I have 11 years military experience up to Staff Non-commissioned officer, 4 years private security, with 2 of those years as a supervisor. This is where the rubber meets the road when balancing the needs of the contract with your front line service providers/employees. I would like this to stand as a open letter to Equinix Staff and Executive management about what is going on under their watch. G4S currently holds the contact to provide physical security service to Equinix. This was a transition from Securitas roughly a year ago. One of the contract staffing stipulations required by Equinix is that new hires have 2 years data center security experience, this is a massive demand disparity because security officers with that kind of experience are either looking at being promoted or have established and cemented themselves at their current job and are not looking to move. Equinix's requirement is the largest problem in G4S being able to proactively staff IBX facilities resulting in officers having to work 16 hour shifts or only get 8-hour turnaround times. This has resulted in off the clock injuries and accidents. This issue causes Non-billable overtime creating G4S internal issues because managers bonuses become threatend with NBOT overages this is further exasperated by other data centers in the area Google, Facebook, who all are staffed by G4S offer PTO accrual and provide meals/snacks at no cost to the contractors, while providing similar pay, ($16 - $19 per hour for security officers) ($20 - $26 for shift supervisors / trainingYou have a pay check. Over time is plentiful because of staffing and turn over issuesPoor work life balance leads to burn out and call offs."

Robbie says

"Equinix sends spam. I don't like spam."

Dennis Markt says

"Their cross connect pricing is rip off"

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